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Scrap and Demolition Grapples
Hydraulic, cable and electric Orange Peel Scrap Grapples for all applications. Special Combination Grapples with Magnets, Shear attachments, and Clamshell Buckets.
Magnets, Generators and Accessories
Magnets A complete selection of Scrap Magnets for all yard and mill uses. HMAG Hydraulic Magnet. Diesel and Hydraulic DC Generators, controls, rectifiers, reels and magnet cable with parts
Cable Processing and Granulation
Cable Processing Cable Strippers for all sizes and types of cable, including the CSX range. Complete Guidetti cable granulation and chopping systems for cable, wires and electronic scrap.
Portable Hydraulic & Electric Cutting Tools

Portable Industrial Cutting Tools - Hand-held Hydraulic Shears for cutting cable, auto parts recovery, demolition, general scrap cutting and more...Electric, Battery or Gas models available.
Alligator Shears
Shears Alligator style Shears for every application. Cut steel, clean metals, cut cable, etc. High quality Portable and Stationary Shears in a range of sizes.
Mobile Shears & Demolition Attachments
Mobile Shears The heaviest duty hydraulic attachments for all Demolition and Scrap processing. ZATO CAYMAN Scrap mobile shears and Concrete Pulverizers. A wide range of models to suit all your processing needs!
Balers and Briquetters
Balers and Briquetters Hydraulic Horizonal & Vertical Baling Presses for every application. Automatic and manual systems. Combination shear-balers. Briquetters and "densifiers" for non-ferrous and UBC. Special briquetters for shredded products.
Rotary Shears + Hammer Mill Shredders
Unmistakably unique, the ZATO range of rotary shears/pre-shredders and hammer mills offer advantages that go beyond all expectations. A comprehensive set of features that makes this machinery one of a kind and the most innovative technology offered.
Scrap Shear Baler Logger
Scrap Shear-Balers Portable Guillotine style shearing, baling and logging machines with loading crane, “folding wings”. Strong and fast, built with high quality components for processing all types of scrap.
Non-Ferrous Shredders
Shredders Environmentally compatible & economical approaches for Processing, Disposal and Recycling materials. Want to shred cable and wire, textiles & wood? No problem with our GXS Single Shaft Shredding machines.
Dust Control Systems & Accessories

Dynaset Dust Suppression The need to have compact and efficient machinery for dust suppression and control has motivated Gensco to offer the Dynaset Dust Suppression System.



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