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Gensco TWISTER Rotary Tie Tool
The Economical Choice

The Economical Choice
A unique new tool designed to cut, twist and tie rebar in place. 
A simple pulling motion of the handle causes the tool to rotate, firmly tying steel wires around the bars.
Easy adjustment for different wire sizes.  Tool cuts excess wire on closing, latch the handle and pull. Itís that easy.
Works in all weather and conditions.  No batteries, No electricity!
Rebar fabrication, Precast Plants, Foundation Building, Road & Bridge Construction - PLUS numerous other uses in Industry, Agriculture and wherever quick manual tying is required.
Highlights & Advantage:
* Low cost, simple tool with virtually NO maintenance. Cast steel head and lever.
* No batteries, no electricity, no extension cords.  Use it in the rain, snow, mud and dirt. Drop it, Bang it. Almost indestructible!
* Use almost any size and type of wire.  You're not committed to any one supplier for wire, clips and supplies
* A tight finished tie is available every time.  You control how tight you want the tie.
* Tie any combination of bar sizes.  Unlimited loop size depends only on the length of wire.
* Cuts and twists in one tool. No arm wearing twisting motion. Just squeeze, lock and pull.
* Light & compact, fits on tool belt or in toolbox easily.
Weight: 1.5lbs (0.68 kgs)
Dimensions: 12"(L) x 1"(W) (300mmx25mm)

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Gensco manual benders
Lever style

#20681 - Maximum 3/4 inch or 20mm diameter rod
center roll diameter of 1-1/2 inch or 40mm

#20670 - Split pin bending for tight radius bends
Maximum 3/8 inch or 11mm diameter rod

"Tools must be firmly bolted or secured to a table or bench for safe operation"

Gensco combination rebar bender & cutter

Model 22-RC16B: Capacity: 5/8" steel (12mm)
Approx. length: 50" (1320mm)
Approx. weight: 31 lbs (14kgs)

Model 22-RC19: Capacity: 5/8" steel (15mm)
Approx. length: 55" (1375mm)
Approx. weight: 36 lbs (16kgs)

Gensco manual rebar shear
Lever style

Manual lever action shear for cutting high tensile steel bars and other materials
Models have capacities from 1/2"/12mm (#4 or 1/2" rebar) - 1-1/4"/32mm (#8 or 1" rebar)
@ approx. 120,000 PSI tensile strength or 85 kg/mm2

Gensco Heavy Duty Bolt Cutters
Rebar/Mesh cutting

4 models available -- can cut up to 1/2" rebar
Superjoint bolt cutter 480 - 19" (480mm)
4 lbs/1.8 kgs
Superjoint bolt cutter 650- 26" (650mm) 
6 lbs/2.7 kgs
Superjoint bolt cutter 750 - 30" (750mm)
9 lbs/3.9 kgs
Superjoint bolt cutter 900 - 36" (900mm)
13 lbs/5.8 kgs



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