For attachments to excavators, back-hoes, truck mounted cranes or wherever a hydrualic circuit exists. 

Light rehandling buckets to heavy duty excavating clamshells. 

Special buckets with circular shells. 

Extensions for deep digging.


  The Grapner is the only digging grab for knuckle-boom lorry cranes worldwide able to dig even in hard soil without damage to the crane and to grab rocks up to 4 tons safely.
  The Grapner allows, through the use of knuckle-boom lorry cranes instead of excavators, to speed up the execution of typical small to medium excavating jobs.
  Its patented kinematics and its high quality manufacture guarantee a lasting performance over many years.

Amortise your investment in a Grapner grab in 800 hours!
A Grapner grab allows you:

To execute all the usual jobs with an appreciable time gain up to 50 - 70%.
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To clean out ditches and drains.
To carry out demolition jobs, unload and load lorries without  damage.
To carry out rock handling without using a cable or additional workforce, the rocks being safely grabbed by the buckets, and put down with precision.
To excavate and dig holes in hard ground with minimal loads on the crane. This enables a major reduction in maintenance costs and increases the crane’s life.
To sink wells. The dimensions of the hole are constant to the bottom, the lower diameter can be greater than the upper to facilitate tubing.
To strip, regularize, landscape surfaces with more precision than with conventional grabs. The horizontal stability is constant.
To intervene with easiness and precision during the maintenance of underground piping (gas, water, cabling).

  Grapner bucket digging a puit Lower diameter can be greater than the upper to facilitate tubing

Grapner grab’s improvements:

The Grapner digging grab can be distinguished from ordinary models by a layout with moving articulations, and with buckets that work together or independently.
Keywords: digging grab, lorry cranes, digging, excavation, buckets, soil, abrasion, wear, moving ejectors, accessories of trucks
The efficiency is higher, because of the possibility of working on one plane in both the opening and the closing cycle of the buckets.
The buckets open and close around moving articulations, giving the grab exceptional ability to penetrate even very hard soils.
Its geometry adapts itself automatically to different working conditions and the buckets fit perfectly the grabbed objects.
The Grapner digging grab also has moving ejectors to expel materials which have tendency to stick to the buckets (earth, clay etc…).
No additional hydraulic hose is required compared to the regular equipment of lorry cranes or other excavation vehicles.
The materials used for the manufacture of the Grapner grab are of high quality. It uses special steels which are particularly resistant to stone abrasion and wear.
The Grapner grab is conceived to be used on a lorry crane with a capacity higher than 10 to.m.

The Grapner grab prolongs the lifespan of the carrying crane

Grapner bucket digging an excavation

Dig excavations with the Grapner bucket

Grapner bucket used for riprap work Rocks being safely grabbed by the Grapner buckets



MECHANICAL Clamshell Buckets



2 and 4 rope styles PLUS the unique Single Rope Automatic Clamshell Buckets. 

For bulk handling of material of all densities.

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